The Rules of Media Accreditation at ZeroNights
The Rules of Media Accreditation at ZeroNights : : : left till the conference

The Rules of Media Accreditation at ZeroNights

Members of the media can participate in ZeroNights 2021 only with a valid accreditation and/or under a partnership agreement.

To apply for accreditation, you must be employed at a publication or be a freelance journalist. The organizers of the event may ask you to provide an ID and documents proving your professional qualification.

Accreditation cannot be provided to the employees of marketing and sales departments, PR representatives, publishers, owners of fan websites or social media pages, and corporate website representatives.

How to get accredited

Accreditation can be given to no more than 2 representatives (a reporter and a photographer) of a media outlet; TV channels can appoint a group of up to 4 people. This restriction helps us provide a comfortable working environment for the press members and ensure the availability of necessary resources at the conference venue.

To apply for a press card, send an email to with “Media accreditation” in the header and provide the following information:

  • Name of your publication/media outlet;
  • Full name and contacts of the chief editor;
  • Full name and contacts of the representative;
  • A description of the planned activity at the event;
  • Date of publication;
  • Website or imprint of the latest issue of the publication you represent.

The organizers will reply within 2-3 days. The deadline for applications is August 20, 2021.

The accredited press members will receive a promo code for buying a ticket on the website. The press card can be obtained at the venue; it is valid for all days of the conference.

An accredited journalist must check the accuracy of the acquired information and respect the rights, interests, and reputation of the organizers and the participants of the conference. They also guarantee the quality and timely publication of the materials about ZeroNights.

Wrongful behavior or giving false information about your position, organization, or employees may lead to banning you and your representatives from participating in our future events.

The organizers reserve a right to deny accreditation or to revoke a previously acquired accreditation without disclosing the reason, as well as to modify this policy without public notice.