Digital Security

Founded in 2003, Digital Security is one of the leading IT security companies in Russia, providing a wide range of vulnerability assessment services: security audit, penetration testing, PCI DSS/PA-DSS/STO BR IBBS certification, vulnerability audit of remote banking (RB) / SCADA/ ERP systems/ business applications/web applications/ virtualization platforms. The company’s expertise is based on the research activity by Digital Security Research Group, which gained worldwide recognition and got numerous official acknowledgments from such global IT leaders as Oracle, SAP, Apache, SUN, IBM, Alcatel, etc.

In association with
DEF CON group DCG7812

Defcon Group #7812 is an independent and open community with common interests in IT and security. The Community is committed to creating a comfortable space to exchange knowledge and experience, as well as to improve the practical skills of information security experts. Defcon Group #7812 brings together security technical specialists from Russia (Saint Petersburg, Moscow, and other cities) and CIS countries. Security professionals give presentations and workshops on applied security in monthly meetings.

Media partners
General Partner

The Hacker magazine is the most popular computer magazine in Russia. Made for people who are deeply interested in information security and IT in common, programming and building information systems. Every month: fresh software security flaws, best viruses and trojans, real-life stories of computer attacks from the perspective of hackers, computer tips and tricks.


The aim of the CIS magazine "Modern Information Systems" is to show the general landscape of IT solutions, the variety of platforms, ideas, and tools that can be used by CIOs and managers.

BIS Journal

BIS Journal — Information Security of Banks is a specialized periodic publication focused on the information security of banks, financial institutions, and payment systems. It is the only publication of its kind in Russia.


Print magazines and the JETINFO portal are a symbiosis of expert articles and interviews with news from partners participating in the global market of information and communication technologies and reports from the main business and IT events in Russia and the world. JETINFO is a platform for dialogue involving its readership.

Security of Company

The only practical security magazine in Russia for the head and owner of companies.

Security Director

Security Director is a monthly magazine specialized in the full range of corporate security issues: economic, physical, technical, information, staff, legal, etc. The magazine is reader-oriented. They do not try to seize the unseizable, nor do they make a magazine about security “in general” and “for all”. They address a professional audience of security managers working in large and medium companies (CISOs, heads of security departments, company managers responsible for security). With top experts, skilled journalists, and designers they provide our readers with insightful, high-quality, and practical resources.

Vestnik Sviazy

The journal provides coverage of the telecommunications situation in Russia and the CIS. Particular emphasis is placed on policies pursued by intergovernmental organizations involved in regulation of telecom operators and suppliers’ activities.

IT Security

"Information Security" Magazine is the professional magazine for specialists in the field of information security. The main topics are related to information security aspects for business and public authorities: from trusted environment and secure development to compliance and training issues. Interviews with top officials, opinions of leading experts, experience of practitioners. Permanent sections: Persons, Law and regulations, Management, Technology, Cryptography, Development, Certification and measurement, Profession.

World Expo

World Expo is a global search for exhibitions and conferences all over the world.


The Berza project is an information portal about artificial intelligence and machine learning, chatbots and voice assistants, robots and drones, virtual and augmented reality.

IT Media

IT Media Publishers (FineStreet Media Group). Publications: IT News, IT Manager, IT Expert. An IT web portal covering the current state of affairs in the IT business (B2B segment), the activity of the largest IT companies and global vendors, information security topics, software development, new technologies, and devices, etc. IT World is one of the top publications covering digitalization issues related to the most important governmental and industry events.

Bank Review

“Bank Review” provides commentary on the key events in the banking industry, including insights into the actions of regulators, professional opinions, business process practices, industry ratings, and research, as well as descriptions of new products and services. Currently, “Bank Review” includes: Monthly business journal “Bank Review” (with supplements Best Practice and BankNadzsor) Web portal Annual award FINAWARD Industry conferences

NoiseBit Podcast

NoiseBit Podcast is an irregular podcast about the life of researchers from both sides of the ocean.

Voprosy Kiberbezopasnosti

Voprosy Kiberbezopasnosti is a scientific, periodical, informational, and methodological journal of the information security field. The journal publishes articles by Russian and foreign scientists in security and information confrontation, primarily materials on cybersecurity, application security, protection of information, security audit of systems and software, testing, security analysis, and assessment of compliance with information security requirements.

Rating Runeta

Russian award for the best websites and mobile applications held among developers and project owners.


Codeby is an informational and educational resource covering information security topics like Web, Forensic, Pentest, and Development.

r0 Crew

r0 Crew is a community of information security researchers with low-level specialization (reverse engineering, research of viruses and exploits). The main goal of the community is to create an environment for meetings, communication, and exchange.

Volga CTF

Volga CTF is one of the major international CTF competitions. It gathers more than 1000 teams from all over the world. The finals are held every autumn in Samara, Russia. At the final event, leading cybersecurity professionals give talks about the current issues in the field. Competition finals are hosted by Samara University in cooperation with IT and Communications Department of Samara Region.