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Workshops at ZeroNights X

Workshops at ZN are hands-on educational activities and presentations held specifically for those who aren’t afraid to get right down to business. They allow you to go from theory to practice under the guidance of cybersecurity professionals. SElinux workshop During these 2 hours, Ivan Agarkov will show you the basics of SELinux administration using CentOS […]

ZeroNights 2021 New Date

Unfortunately, we had to change our plans due to the ongoing spread of the disease and new anti-Covid measures taken in Saint Petersburg. Our long-awaited anniversary conference is now moved to August.
The new date is August 25, 2021.

Bug Bounty by Bitaps

The New Bug Bounty program for Shamir Secret Backup Scheme starts at the international cybersecurity conference ZeroNights X, which will be held on 30 June 2021 in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Right now you can submit your bug reports!

Defensive Track Talks. Part 2

Defensive Track presentations will be delivered in an open-air format on a spacious embankment on June 30 and will start at 16:00.

Main Stage Talks. Final Set

The main stage program comprises talks related to the security of firmware, desktop, mobile devices and OS, as well as issues of searching for vulnerabilities, their exploitation, and elimination.

Defensive Track Talks. Part 1

The talks of the Defensive Track are devoted to secure development, DevSecOps, incident detection, and practical aspects of cybersecurity.

Web Village Talks. Part 3

The previous talks included in the ZeroNights 2021 Web Village program can be found in the news. Now we’ll announce its final part!

Main Stage Talks. Part 3

Previously we also told about the talks included in the ZeroNights 2021 main program in the news…

HackQuest ZeroNights 2021 Results

ZeroNights 2021 HackQuest completed on May 30. It’s time to announce our winners! They have got free tickets to the conference and the ever-lasting place in our Hall of Fame.

Web Village Talks. Part 2

We have already announced the first set of talks of the Web Village section, dedicated to the topic of web application security. Meet the researchers who decided to join them.

ZeroNights 2021 HackQuest

ZeroNights holds its traditional HackQuest ZeroNights from the 24th to the 30th of May.

Talks of ZeroNights X main program. Part 2

The main stage program comprises talks related to the security of firmware, desktop, mobile devices and OS, as well as issues of searching for vulnerabilities, their exploitation, and elimination.

Preliminary conference program is published

The conference preliminary program is now available on the website. The list of topics and speakers will be supplemented and accompanied by news with their more detailed descriptions.

First Web Village talks

We’re announcing the first approved Web Village talks.
Want to deliver a talk on an interesting topic? You can apply until May 15.

Submit online talks at ZN X

We’ve decided to consider online talks as well. Our program committee will review them meticulously and choose up to 5 online talks to be featured in the main stage program.

As always, we’re looking for the best!

ZN Workshops are back. Submit it!

We’re accepting applications for hands-on workshops where you can share your ideas and insights!
To apply and ask your questions about the workshops, please mail to workshops@zeronights.org.

First talks of ZeroNights 2021 main program

We are happy to share the first news about the ZeroNights 2021 speakers. Here are some talks of the main program.

That’s how it happened, ZeroNights The Ninth

Watch a video about ZeroNights 2019 and feel the unique energy that drives the conference from year to year and never dies.

ZeroNights Is Open To Collaboration

Do you have ideas or an offer? Contact us at pr@zeronights.org

ZeroNights Calls For Papers!

Offline talks are given priority. The organizers reward exclusive research, and if you deliver a 45-minute presentation about Offensive Security, you will get a $1000 bonus.

ZeroNights X Format

Early registration is available. Use promocode EARLYBIRD to get 20% off till the end of March.

ZeroNights 2021 Concept

In the age of information technology, our world changes with every new technological advancement. Reflecting the life of the IT and cybersecurity communities, the ZeroNights international conference transforms as well.