Main Stage
Alex Rossovsky
Maxim Goryachy, Mark Ermolov — Chip Red Pill: How We Achieved to Execute Arbitrary [micro]Code Inside Intel Atom CPUs
Alexander Ermolov, Dmitry Frolov — Data-only attacks against UEFI BIOS
Web Village
Danil Beltyukov (@kabachook), Maxim Prokopovich (@juwilie1337)
Paul Axe (@Paul_Axe)
Emil Lerner
SooLFaa — Hacker adventures on dating websites
Pavel Sorokin — PD%00
Defensive Track

Ivan Agarkov — 8 ways to spy your consoles


The talks of the Defensive Track are devoted to secure development, DevSecOps, incident detection, practical aspects of cybersecurity.

The call for papers is still open, apply to speak at ZeroNights. The program is coming soon.

Hardware Zone

Hardware Zone is a place where the interests of people who deal with hardware and software security intersect.

The program is coming soon.


Workshops at ZN are hands-on educational activities and presentations held specifically for those who aren’t afraid to get right down to business. They allow you to go from theory to practice under the guidance of cybersecurity professionals.

To apply, please mail to

There may be changes and updates to the program.